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‧The company's annual plan to update equipment production machines.Embroidery machine, torchon machine, raschel machine.Please see for details:Embroidery machine, Torchon machine, Raschel machine


Torchon machinery for sale > Machinery

Model : Torchon machines


一、Torchon machines

96 carriers

4 sets

64 carriers

9 sets

Frequency converter

1 set

Spinning machine

1 set

Spare parts

New purchase price at the time USD$840,000
Discount offer now only need USD$125,000

Including demolition and delivery to Kaohsiung Pier

There are 13 sets of Torchon lace machines. We want to eliminate old ones to be new machines.

Brand: Hacoba

place of origin: Germany

Q’ty: 13 sets and peripherals and all spare parts.

Size: 96 needles of machines 4 sets

Size: 64 needles of machines 9 sets and can make product as follows


Running operation : There are now 13 sets machines In normal production operations.

Price: We hope have inquiry buyer can face to face discuss the business deal. These are all excellent value for money of machines.